Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some negative thinking

I know it's been awhile since the last time I wrote here. Things didn't go very well since the beginning of summer. I have been so full of hopes and expectations, like look at all the plans I have for this summer, I will find a summer job, I will volunteer at an animal shelter, I will find new friends and maybe a boyfriend, I will become more optimistic and joyful, I will go to gym, etc., etc., etc,.
Well, as often, pretty much everything fell apart. And since one thing goes wrong, I tend to worry about everything, I can suddenly remember all the things that could possibly go wrong and hello anxiety, here  you are again.
People say that having plans for future makes you more confident about life, brings you hope and such things. Maybe. But from my experience, it's only worse when I have plans because when I have  projects there is something negative that happen  and oops! no more possibility to make my plans actually happen. So I become afraid to only think about something that I want to do.

Ugh, I made this blog to write about positive changes in my life but maybe I am too weak / not lucky enough to have these changes :(  I really don't want to complain, nobody knows how I am sick of complaining but I am so not feeling good right now...